Friday, February 13, 2009

What is she saying?

Something really strange happened to me today.  Something strange and amusing but also very encouraging!

I had just walked out of Union Station - rounded the corner - and I was walking towards Ebenezers (NCC's coffee house) when I noticed a woman yelling as she was walking.  The strange thing was this - no one was walking beside her - no one was really close by - she was just yelling like we were listening.  Now, I had my iPod earphones in enjoying some music and I couldn't hear what she was screaming about so I just kept walking behind her - amused at this woman who apparently was a little on the strange side.  

Finally, we walked up to the door that lead to my office (the woman has continued to yell this entire time) and I was about to walk through the door when I stopped and took out an earphone so I could listen to what she was saying.

I'm glad I did.

What she was saying grabbed my attention and my heart.

She yelled out.....

"God is going to make a way for you....WAIT ON HIM!"

Now, I've been around people with mental issues - been around them on the west coast and the east coast and sadly listened to them ramble in an agitated and confused state.

But this was different.  
She wasn't yelling..........she was PREACHING!

I stopped where I stood and listened to what she was saying.
You may not believe this but I believe that she was

directly at

Was this woman crazy?  Maybe.  But crazy or not her words struck a chord deep within my spirit.

God is going to make a way for you - WAIT ON HIM!

Amen my sister - your words have been accepted - and I have chosen to believe not just because you said it but I have seen and heard enough to believe that God is going to do just what you said He will do - you have simply reminded me.  Thank you.

Come on Brad - you're really reaching here aren't you.

No - not really.

When God wants to get someone's attention...

He can use a burning shrub or a stupid donkey to do it.

When God wants His will to be done...

He can use the words and actions of prophets or the rooftops and ropes of prostitutes.

When God want's to provide for His children...

He can rain down bread from Heaven or bless a little boy's lunch.

And when God want's to speak to His kid walking on a DC street corner He can use a loud lady with no inhibitions if He wants to!

I believe that God speaks to us through His Word but I also believe that He uses unconventional methods to remind us of those promises that were recorded long ago.

I truly believe He can do this.

I truly believe He did that for me this morning.

Thanks God - I love your style.
Maybe I should take my earphones out more often.


Chris Jarrell said...

Brad, thanks for sharing this. I appreciate your heart to listen to what God is saying to you. I appreciate you dude!

The Steins said...


joesokol said...

Jeremiah 13:15 Listen! Do not be proud for the lord has spoken!


Blessed are those who take out an earphone!