Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just for the record...

We absolutely love:
Our friends that qualify to be our family.
The pastoral staff and people of National Community Church.
Ebenezers coffee on Capitol Hill.
Hebesha Ethiopian Food.
The District of Columbia and Virginia.
Our friends that qualify to be our family.
Yeah, I said that last one twice because they're the most important.
I'll always remember driving into DC last Monday
night. We rounded the corner and there it all was - the Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, and the Capitol building. Warm feelings flooded my heart. Glenda made the comment, 'I could live here again.' And you know what?
She's right.
I could live here again too.
The McMath's love Washington DC!
And I just want to say thank you Jesus for giving us the gift of living here for an entire year - we will treasure the time forever.
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