Tuesday, February 2, 2010


White Noise - meaningless or distracting commotion, hubbub, or chatter: a constant background noise: one that drowns out other sounds.
All of us experience white noise on a daily basis. Especially in the area of information exchanged on:
forwarded emails
pop up ads

One of my friends in DC was sitting at his computer one day and began deleting people off of his Twitter follow list - his explanation?  

'They're posts are white noise - I don't have time for white noise.'

I agree.
We must protect ourselves from constant chatter thats in an all out war for our attention.  We don't have time for it - our listening must be selective.
So, this leads me to my blog.  I'm just now getting started back with this and I'm going to make it a part of my routine.  

I don't want my writing routine to be awash with white noise.

Therefore - I'm going to be experimenting with the entire process.
Right now, I'm going to reduce this to once a week.  
Topics will vary.  Probably focusing most on the Lord and media.
It will be short.  My blogs have been way too long.

Will I add to the white noise blob out there?  Yeah - probably - but maybe I can learn something in the process.  If you're reading this - first of all I don't know why :) secondly, I'll do my best to add to your day in a positive way.

Wow, see there - you already have a little poem you can stuff in your pocket.

Bible verse: Gen. 50:19 'Am I God, that I can punish you?'  
We live in a society that thrives on revenge when mistreated.  We could learn something from Joseph if we wanted to.

Movie/TV quote:  'It's not dying I'm talking about, it's living.' 
Gus McRae
Lonesome Dove

Hey - except for the Bible verse - I think I've produced some more white noise.
Hmmmm. I guess white noise is up for personal interpretation.

That's even more white noise.  



Love this place - Sasquatch burger - downtown Memphis - go now.  That's not me in the pic.
Big Foot Lodge - Sasquatch Burger:
Address: 97 South Second Street, Memphis, TN


Click on the link below to watch this classic hidden video episode of edbassmaster.  (Disclaimer - I'm not responsible for those random YouTube pop-ups - yikes!)

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Anonymous said...

I like this a lot Brad. It is a little bit of everything but not too much.