Thursday, January 28, 2010


Day two.
Here we go.

I came across something in my Bible reading for today.  Something I've never really noticed.

Get your Bible if you want....don't just take my word for it...take His Word for it.

Luke 17:26-30.  The disciples asked when the Kingdom of God would be established.  Jesus answered them by describing the SIGNS that would alert all of those on the planet that judgment was upon them.

Now....we've all heard about these signs all of our lives - the ones that are outlined in Matthew 24.  I'm not talking about those signs - wars, famines, and earthquakes - not referring to these today.

The ones I'm talking about are going on right now.  9:34 AM CST - January 28th. 
Here they are:

Jesus said in vs 26:
'When the Son of Man returns people will be....

enjoying banquets

going about their daily business


Jesus said in vs 30 (NLT) 'Yes it will be 'business as usual' right up to the day when the son of man is revealed.'

You can call this the 'Sign of Noah' - and the 'Sign of Lot.' 

Jesus said that people were doing this right up to the day the flood came and destroyed them all.

People were also doing this the day that fire and burning sulfur rained down from heaven and destroyed everyone.


I call this, 'The Sign Of People Being Consumed With Cares.'  
Jesus made it plain that He's coming back when all of this is going on.

Yeah...I know....all of us are involved in what do we do.

Don't allow yourself to be CONSUMED with the CARES of this life.  Hmmph...easier said than done Brad.  True.  But we better do our best to avoid it.

I know people in Huntsville that are consumed.
I know people in Washington DC that are consumed.
I know people in West Memphis and they're consumed.

Am I judging them?  Nope - because I've been right there along with them - portions of my life are still there.  So what do I need to do?

Ask the Lord to open up my eyes and to see the reality of this lifestyle.

Money is not everything.  Material goods - gadgets - and the good life should not control my entire being.  It's even dangerous if we're striving to have the greatest ministry in the world and allowing it to consume us instead of being consumed with Jesus.

Pretty much sums it up for the White House, Church House, and My House.  How about you?  In fact....don't expect the first two to get it right if the last one is living it wrong.  

So, Lord, help me to stay connected to you.  Your Word. Live a life that puts

You First
Others Second
I'm Third

I believe this will keep me out of the trap - the trap of the consumed.

Love ya.

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