Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

The day has arrived. New leadership will be elected for our country. I'm not going to say much on the subject at the moment - perhaps I'll say more throughout the day. BUT I'm going to do my best to get more consistent in my 'blogging' so I hope you enjoy it. I will tell you this - if you want to watch a great message about POLITICS AND THE CHURCH go to www.theaterchurch.com - click the 'resources' tab and then hit the 'media' button. The title of the message is, 'The Political Elephant.' The speaker is Pastor Mark Batterson. This is message #5 in 'The Elephant In The Church' series - I encourage you to watch it plus all the other messages - they were excellent!
Not only will you get to see my pastor in action but you will also see some of my work - I'm the one holding the boom mic :) I loved it. Just a side note - this video was played in all 4 NCC locations - Ebenezers Coffee House - and the 3 movie theaters at Balston, Union Station, and Georgetown. The response was amazing.


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